I am posting this review to help out others. I am not the only one who would give this place 0 stars out of 5.
When your transmission breaks down, and you need it fixed quickly, you don't have time to shop around, which is why I went straight to AALL Tech right away, unfortunately I did not receive a pleasant experience with this shop. I cannot speak for other locations, but this shop did not treat me properly, nor my vehicle.
I brought my vehicle in for a free inspection and estimate, what they did next was tear my transmission apart to "see" what was wrong, afterwhich they told me I had two choices, to repair the transmission for $3500, or put it all back together for $1000 in labour. Obviously I would have lost either way, so I figured I'd let them put it back together, "since they had it apart anyways". It was a mistake to let them inspect my vehicle, I should have never given them my keys, if this is not what you want to experience,...

By: ShawnBel

Aall Tech Transmission Centre

Richmond, BC


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